Got Clutter? Call Cherice like these clients did!

  • Ann Hancey

Dear Cherice, Thank you so much for taking the time to teach organizational skills to our ladies last Thursday. You made it fun and doable The ladies had a great time. You are a lovely lady and I appreciate you sharing your talent and knowledge with us. Thank you again.

  • Cindi Schmidt

I have relied on Cherice for many years and find myself in need of her many talents often. In the time that I have known Cherice, she has transformed my residence for numerous occasions including company holiday parties, church gatherings and luncheons, children’s and adult birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and often for my family’s enjoyment of my home during the holiday seasons. Cherice has also been Wedding Coordinator for all three of my children. Each and every time Cherice works her magic I am in awe of her creativity, her positive energy, and her amazing ability to bring a concept to life.

Not only has Cherice been instrumental in creating winter wonderlands, circus big tops, ladybug gardens, and princess palaces, but she is able to execute these magnificent undertaking with little to no guidance. Once Cherice is involved, I feel confident washing my hands of the details and relying solely on her to conceive, manage and ultimately bring to fruition absolutely beautiful and imaginative gatherings. She has never let me down.  From invitations, to décor, to food conception and coordination, I know I can depend on Cherice for my every need. My guests have often remarked that no ones affairs are as enjoyable as mine. Without a doubt, Cherice is responsible for their remarks.

She is beyond energetic, fantastically creative, intensely organized and effortless to work with. She would be an incredible asset. I believe that anyone who has worked with Cherice would say the same.

  • Kerry Vickers

I have known Cherice personally and professionally for nine years. I have hired her to assist with numerous organizing, seasonal and social projects in my home. I also engaged her services when we moved into our current home. I relied heavily upon Cherice to put our new home in good working order. She is an invaluable source of energy, organizational expertise and problem solving. Cherice is able to do just about anything!

She is creative and efficient in her approach to whatever project I delegate to her. I trust her implicitly and find her to be a reliable and extraordinarily hard worker. She has assisted me with social functions in our home and provided lovely florals and decor to enhance those occasions.

Cherice beautifies our home for the changing seasons and holidays.

I have enjoyed working with Cherice through the years and will continue to rely on her expertise, creativity and unique skills.

  • Rebecca Jensen

I have known Cherice personally and professionally for twelve years. During the last twelve years, she has provided organizing and decorating services for me in my home. She is creative, versatile and resourceful in her work. During the busy Christmas holiday season I have contracted Cherice to provide decorating and design services. She works tirelessly under deadlines and is very fresh and stimulating in her approach. Cherice has also tackled and solved projects to organize my financial records and other important documents. She has set up systems to manage all of my office and paperwork. In addition, the storage areas of my home have been completely revamped and organized so that space is more effectively utilized. Cherice energetically tackles projects that for me can be drudgery. Her services have proven to be highly valuable and effective problem solving tools in the management of my home. Her work frees me up to spend time with my children and in community service.

Cherice manages her business in a professional and timely manner. She purchases materials for a variety of projects and her billing for time and materials is always accurate and immediate.

I have found Cherice to be extremely dependable, professional, and wonderfully energetic and efficient.

  • Jean Wagner, The Willow Creek Women’s Club

What a wonderful presentation you delivered at The Willow Creek Women’s Club gathering. I hope you received as many thank you’s after your presentation as we received
compliments the next day.”

  • Diane Hienton, President of Littleton Newcomers Club

“Thank you for your fun and informative talk. I learned a lot. I’ve heard nothing but

positive feedback.”

  • Kirsten Dahl Collins

I heartily recommend the organizing and staging services provided by Cherice Steinhour, who was invaluable to us in getting our house ready to sell. Our house sold after only six days on the market, and I must give Cherice part of the credit. Cherice has tremendous experience, excellent judgment and an unbelievably high energy level.  She helped me clear out decades worth of junk from our house, decide what was valuable and what to donate or discard and went shopping for appropriate containers and other items that left our house looking beautiful—and beautifully organized. I wish we’d known about her services when we first moved in because we could have been enjoying this lifestyle from Day One.

  • Cami Cooper

A friend recommended Cherice when I was getting ready to move. I really enjoyed having her help because she is very organized, efficient and high energy. Cherice is also very resourceful and amazing at problem  solving. She never stops moving. I am glad to have found her to help me get out of our last house and into the new one.

  • Erin & Mike Schmidt

Cherice,  just wanted to express sincere thanks for the endless effort you put into our wedding. Thanks to you our special day was a million times more beautiful and amazing than we could ever have imagined. I well up with emotion each time I see a photo of what you did in the church and ballroom. Because of you we had our dream wedding. We cannot thank you enough. We extend our deepest gratitude for everything you’ve done and given.

  • Erin Schmidt

Thanks for making yet another event in our life beautiful! The shower was so lovely.
I have never been to one as nice!  All my gratitude for everything…

  • Erin and Mike Schmidt

Well, I can’t remember exactly what I said on my voicemail, but I can tell you that Mike and I were absolutely amazed and thrilled with the decorations for Peyton’s first birthday party. When I chose a ladybug theme, I certainly had a look in mind, but never in a million years could I have imagined anything as lovely
as what you were able to create for Peyton. The decor was brilliant – very occasion appropriate, yet classy. I was ear to ear smiles when I saw your work.
I feel so lucky to have had you to create the wonderland that was Peyton’s party. I will fondly remember her first, always.

We can’t wait to have another event so we have an excuse to request your services.
As always, we appreciate you! Thank you.

  • Naomi Reece

Thank you so much for spending time with me, and my office mess.  The tips and advice you gave me have helped me immensely. My desk runs smoothly now and I can find things!   I am amazed and impressed with how organized
and intuitive you are and with your ability to focus in on the real problems.

  • Rebecca Jensen

Cherice Steinhour’s organizing service is an invaluable tool for every busy household. Years of neglected papers, drawers, cabinets and closets throughout my house have been totally updated, organized and systematized to fit my lifestyle and to help me to be more efficient in my daily living. Cherice is wonderfully creative; extremely talented and a very fun partner to help in “cleaning up you life”!!

  • Brian Willms 

Cherice has been and continues to be a major component of my professional and financial success! As a Mortgage Broker organization is extremely vital to my ability to processing a loan, and more importantly my ability to continue developing more business. Yet, in my profession I find I am constantly juggling numerous tasks, requests, and fires. Cherice has helped me develop and implement tools that allow inc to effectively manage my workload, my time, the process of my loans, and the development of my business.
What I especially appreciated about her service was how she customized it to meet my needs: diagnosing my problems, concerns, and demands of my business before ever presenting a solution.

Thank you Cherice

  • Jim Urban

I listened to the show and realized that even though it was short I thought you did and outstanding job. It even confirms more to me that I have the right person for the job of helping my clients. You really are a big asset to my business and I appreciate you taking the time today to go on the air.
Oh, I really would like to have you come back later when we increase the time of our show. Thanks for your friendship and I appreciate you also helping with the wedding!

  • Dawn K. 

I don’t know what I would have done without you. You not only organized my stuff, but me as well. Now I can devote my time to more important things other than paper piles. Cherice is the best!

  • Linda Strine

Cherice Steinhour with Come to Order is very reliable, a quick study and a self-starter. She has transformed my old office into a brand new one in a very short time, not to mention it was much more efficient and user friendly.

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