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Got Clutter? Your business or home will run more smoothly and efficiently if a firm foundation of order and structure is in place. Clutter and chaos create stress, emergencies and embarrassment. I will happily help you go on a Clutter Diet. Come to Order Organizing Service offers the following services.

The Services:

  • Home and office de-cluttering and organizing- closets, kitchen, garage, basement, bedrooms, office etc.
  • Paper and file management
  • Purchasing of needed supplies: containers, organizing products, moving supplies etc.
  • Make arrangements for donations, recycling or consignments. I generally haul things for the client myself.
  • Tuneups- If things go awry I can come back for a quick tuneup. When an underlying structure of order is in place, that order can generally be re-established pretty quickly.
  • Moving services- packing, unpacking, organizing a new residence
  • Wedding and Event planning, styling and production
  • Personal concierge: shopping, errands, personal florist etc.
  • Holiday and seasonal design,decorating, set up and tear down

I will customize services to your style, personality, needs and priorities.

The Process:

  • Assess We will start with an in-person evaluation at your home or office. Through various questions I will analyze what is currently working for you and what isn’t. Your priorities will be identified- what’s driving you the most nuts? I will determine whether you want to work side by side as a team or whether you want me to organize your space chiefly by myself after we purge together. We will discuss the scope of services that will best fulfill your needs and budget requirements. I will help you to visualize what life can be with functional, organized systems in place.
  • Action We will come up with a plan of action based on your priorities. Sometimes it’s beneficial to start with a small project to experience speedy results and gain momentum for the work ahead. I generally like to schedule work sessions in 3-4 hour blocks but I have also put in a full day if the client can stand it! If I don’t need to travel very far I am sometimes open to a 2 hour session. We will determine whether I will purchase organizing containers and products  or whether you will. I am also great at at making do with what you have on hand as necessary- we don’t need to break the bank at The Container Store, unless you want to of course!
  • Execute First we will design a Space Plan with work centers to maximize your efficiency. Next we PURGE! The client must be involved in this step; I cannot discard your stuff without your input. The next step is to Sort, Contain and Label. Throughout the organizing process my goal is to teach you principles and skills that will enable you to maintain the order and systems that I put in place.

Through this initial consultation we will get to know each other  and discover whether we are a good fit.

Your Investment:

I charge an hourly fee. Please contact me for a quote.

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